Professional Garden Designer

Garden Design

The Garden Design Process by Belinda Goldsmith

consultationThe Consultation

The garden design process starts with a free initial visit to see the garden and discuss your needs and tastes for your new garden.  This is followed by the preparation of a quotation for carrying out the necessary survey and garden design work that will be involved.

surveyThe Survey

On acceptance of the quotation, a full site survey is undertaken. All the measurements needed for the design would be taken. On larger or more complicated sites, a professional surveyor may be recommended, but they will be briefed and overseen by me.

outline planOutline Garden plan

This is the first draft of ideas that you will receive, and is open to discussion and change. You will receive proposals for the layout of all the essential elements of hard and soft landscaping, as well as garden features and structures. Where necessary to aid visualisation, it will be accompanied by sketches and elevations.

masterplanMaster plan

This is the final detailed plan for your new garden design, and follows on when the outline plan has been fully agreed. The master plan, together with any necessary construction drawings, will contain the majority of the information that a prospective contractor needs, so that quotes can be obtained for constructing the garden.

Example of Master Plan