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Garden Design Services

My garden design services range from a single border to a whole garden, and from a complete drawn design to simple verbal ideas. I offer a free initial meeting, when we can discuss exactly which choice would be right for you and your garden.
Whatever your requirements, whether one flower border or the whole garden, ring me to discuss how I may be able to help you and your garden.


Garden Design

The garden design process starts with a free initial visit to see the garden and discuss your needs and tastes, and is followed by the preparation of a quotation for carrying out the necessary survey and design work that will be involved.

  • Small urban spaces
  • School gardens
  • Large country gardens
  • Walled gardens
  • Traditional to contemporary
  • Awkward shapes and sloping gardens

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Planting plan

Planting Plans

  • Whole gardens
  • Individual borders
  • Renovating existing garden borders

If required, the production of the overall master garden design plan can be followed with a detailed planting plan, showing the positions of all the proposed new plants, and accompanied by a full schedule listing all the plants used, their quantities and suggested sizes for purchasing. Each scheme is hand drawn and individually tailored to reflect both your tastes and the needs of the soil and site, and if required I can also include an easy to follow maintenance guide.

This planting plan service is also available to garden owners who just want help with planting advice.

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Redesign of Small Garden Spaces

  • Plan for a shady corner
  • Spaces left following the removal of a shed or greenhouse
  • Redesign around a new conservatory or extension
  • Individual border design

Perhaps it’s not the whole of your garden that needs design input, but one small aspect of it. Such areas deserve as much consideration as the rest of the garden so that they don’t end up as just after thoughts that don’t relate to anything, and I can work with you to produce a design solution that works within the context of the rest of the garden.

Perhaps you only need one area of your garden redesigned? Again I can help.

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Plant sourcing and supply

Plant sourcing and supply

Having had the garden designed, you may want to consider tackling the planting yourself.

Using a regional network of plant supply specialists, I can source and arrange delivery of all the necessary plants, from herbaceous perennials to mature shrubs and specimen trees, thus alleviating you of the headache of trying to track down the wide variety of specimens that you may need, and hopefully saving you some money at the same time.

I can also check plant deliveries when they arrive on site, and set the plants out into their final positions for planting, whether that’s a job you’ll be taking on or one that will be undertaken by a landscape contractor.


General garden design and planting advice (consultancy only)

  • Just want a sounding board for your own ideas?
  • Want to tackle an overgrown or mature garden and not sure where to start?
  • Just need suggestions for plants to go in a particular area of the garden?

If it’s just ideas that you need to kick start your garden project, and not a full blown plan, then I have a consultancy only service that may suit you.

Whether it’s suggestions for plants for a tricky site, or advice on rejuvenating an overgrown or mature garden that’s past its best, I am happy to visit on a consultancy only basis, chargeable at an hourly rate, and help either with just verbal ideas or with a written report.

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