Professional Garden Designer

Small Formal Garden

Location: Dorset

Brief: To transform the long neglected, rear garden of an old Farm House into an attractive space with a formal, Mediterranean-inspired feel.

This small garden had been neglected for a number of years and was now overgrown and lacking any real structure. Any redesign would need to accommodate the large studio (quite a feature in itself) being built at the far end of the garden in order for it to sit harmoniously within the site, and would also need to unite the house with the garden.

The new layout has symmetry at its heart, with the retaining wall, main steps and paths all centred on the new studio. The client specifically requested that some lawn was retained for the dog, and the pots/urns are a reflection of their love for all things Italian. The latter also inspired the choice of plants, with plenty of lavender, rosemary and sage, together with four Italian Cypresses which not only add vertical structure and symmetry, but also bring a flavour of the Mediterranean.

The symmetry is further enhanced by the use of topiary box balls and cones, together with dwarf box edging, and whilst the client’s preference was for a garden that focused on foliage and form rather than colour and flowers, there are Alliums planted throughout for a display in early summer.
Brick and gravel paths meander through the beds of informal planting, which includes herbaceous perennials such as Sedums, Salvias, Penstemons and ornamental grasses, whilst a raised pool near the deck provides not only the soothing sound of running water, but also casual sitting space around the wall.

  • Before the works